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tv   7 News  NBC  October 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> now at 7. >> you better be ready before. if it turns at the last minute you're not going to have time to get ready. >> reporter: rain, wind and a powerful storm surge. the latest on the storm's track as we're tracking matthew. >> anchor: why administratives are call nothing cleaning a dangerous turn in new hampshire. the dramatic ending caught on camera. >> anchor: the sox making a play off push. preparing to take on the tribe. live in cleveland. >> anchor: tom brady taking the field. what do his teammates have to say. >> anchor: it's now on the news station. >> 7 news at 7:00 starts now. first at 7:00 a deadly hurricane bearing down. >> i want to emphasize to the
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>> there's no excuse not to evacuate. >> 7 news is tracking matthew. >> anchor: hurricane matthew is hammering the bahamas. a deadly hurricane plowing across the carribean. >> anchor: watches and warnings up and down the coastline. ravaged the island nation of haiti. matthew is blamed for 11 deaths across that region. >> anchor: in florida it's a race against time. florida's governor is lying and flood prone communities. jeremy reiner beginning team 7 coverage in the weather center. >> reporter: this is hurricane matthew. next up will be the bahamas. late tonight and tomorrow morning we have hurricane warnings in effect for bahamas as well as florida including miami north of daytona beach. the watches and warnings being
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tropical storm watch lesser effects from the storm. the storm track this is from the hurricane center a category 3 storm now. likely maintains that intensity tonight through tomorrow morning. nasa from there it takes aim on florida. this is going to be close. may try to make land fall near veera beach. this number here that's a 4. that 3 moving through na winds at 130 miles per hour. it moves over the space coast. it curves northeast paralleling the georgia, south carolina coastline. doesn't make it to north carolina t. loops back around. this takes new england off the table in terms of effecting our weather. i want to show you the wind speed forecast from the european model. the intense wind speeds 80 miles
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jump ahead west palm beach wind jumps to 70 miles per hour. 105 miles per hour. west palm beach 102 miles per hour. the eye of the hurricane approaches the east coast of florida. these wind speeds ramp up during the day on friday. several hours of hurricane force winds. north of miami up near jacksonville. the amount of rain fall on the way 5 to 8 the storm surge as well. going to be a tough go through the day on friday and the east coast of florida. back to you guys. >> anchor: several states have issued evacuation orders. gas stations are packed tonight along that east coast of florida as people scramble to get ready or get out of there. >> reporter: i spoke to family members in florida they say many of the gas stations are already out of fuel.
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asking people to move 100 miles inland. called a total disaster in haiti. at least 5 dead. 11 total in the carribean. and as bad as this is matthew isn't done yet. the bahamas are next in the monster storm's path. there is less than 24 hours to prepare for the hit. >> there will be massive destruction that we haven't seen in years. >> reporter: people are stocking up water filling up gas tanks. >> i'm waiting my time. i know it will be worse tomorrow. >> reporter: south carolina bumper to bumper traffic lines the interstate out of charleston. with a rush of supplies and gasmr. #2:? a quarter of a million in terms of evacuations. >> reporter: president obama cancelled a florida trip wednesday because of the storm. >> you can rebuild.
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>> reporter: in the newsroom brandon gunnoe 7 news. >> anchor: to track the latest on hurricane matthew's path go to our web sit >> anchor: and we are following more news today a health scare at a local high school. 4 students were diagnosed with mrsa. >> it's not pleasant. >> it's a scary thing. we don't -- you don't hear about it all the >> reporter: parents alarmed by the outbreak of staph and mrsa infections. >> we had to treat it responsibly quickly and aggressively to make sure the bacteria does not spread. >> reporter: west ford academy had a day off. bringing in extra staff to scrub down the building. >> focus on locker rooms and
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gym mats. we instructed students also with towels or gym clothing that they are transporting back and forth to school to launder those and launder the uniforms. >> reporter: they are working with the local health board to make sure they are doing everything by the proper protocol. games are still going. not too worried at this point about it spreading o'hara 7 news. >> anchor: a high speed police chase in new hampshire with a wild ride coming to a crashing end. the driver flips his car eventually. saw the man speeding and swerving in the break down lane. the 22-year-old driver did have to go to the hospital with minor injuries and faces several charges. also on 72 men facing a judge today after that police shoot
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eric lawrence and gonzales of dorchester tried selling guns to undercover officers. when the officers showed their badgesicalon started shooting. one officer had to go to the hospital with minor injuries and both of those men facing serious charges. ; a man riding his bike is dead after getting hit by a tractor taped off for hours after the crash this morning. the victim is a man but have not released his name yet. a food fight hits harvard university. dining hall workers are under strike. the university says they're proposing modest changes but the workers say the costs are too much. so only some of the dining halls are open.
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>> anchor: our first look. brady's back with the pats. >> it's exciting to get tb back, man. >> it was cool, man. i gave him a hug and welcomed him back. >> anchor: team is getting in the groove with the top qb in the driver's seat. >> anchor: and the team is focussed on football. some players couldn't help but show some excitement. live in gillette with more. >> reporter: danny said it was cool to have brady back. he couldn't help but give him a big hug. as for coach belichick it's all about getting back to work. look who's back. number 12 putting the pads on and practicing with the pats wednesday. his first appearance with the team since serving his 4 game deflate gate suspension. ending that nightmare. for fans it's a dream come true. >> very excited.
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it's a closed practice. >> it's time. it's time. we were talking about tom brady being back. and it is time long over due. >> reporter: coach belichick had a more business like approach. >> i feel we need to get to cleveland to try to win. >> reporter: ahead of the game with the browns in cleveland on sunday. >> great to have him back. doesn't change anything for us. ever he can't do our job for us. >> reporter: a few players couldn't hide the fact they were happy to see brady again. >> good hair. good physique. stylish per usual. >> he looks great, tan, happy, pumped. >> tom's back at quarterback baby. >> reporter: in all seriousness football is the ultimate team
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team. live in foxborough john cocoa 7 news. ; 7's john cocoa and sports trey daerr in cleveland for coverage of the big game. >> anchor: the alds match up with the cleveland indians gets under way tomorrow night. live outside of progressive field to set the stage for this big match up. tray. >> reporter: ryan, a lot of different talk around the red sox this year. back t following that world series run in 2013. and there's a lot of pressure on john feral to perform from the start. you second guess the time this year. there's no question about that. he responded in a big way this year in getting the sox on top of the ald east. >> you going to get fired? here we are. >> reporter: since a snowy
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eve of the american league divisional series. >> we come together with an offense that we felt good in spring training. that's grown to a point of being a unique one. i love the fact the way our rotation answered some of the potential questions about them and the way they performed. >> reporter: nobody on the sox staff performed better than the guy in game 1 rick forcello. >> having the bit of that lull there. we're going to be chomping at the bit to get back out there and playing again. >> great from day 1. as consistent as he can be in my mind. and you know every time he took the ball this year we felt we had a chance to win. >> reporter: in october frosello knows a whole new ball game. >> the biggest difference now
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competition. if you don't win these 3 games in the first series you're going home. not like you can look forward to another road trip. you got to play your best baseball now. >> reporter: forcello in for a challenge against an indian offense that can rake it inside their home park. hits it to the walls in progressive field. the indians having the best home record in all of this year. cleveland as the red sox make their play off push. >> anchor: next on the news station saying thank you. a marine with a special message for a team of doctors who changed his life for the way better. >> reporter: hurricane matthew in the bahamas tomorrow. take a look at your weather
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>> anchor: a marine t changing surgery. he lost both arms and both legs while serving over seas in 2010. >> anchor: today he is talking about that procedure done right here in boston. >> i would never think 6 years ago that i would be here in front of everyone and up here on the podium talking about this. >> anchor: former marine sergeant john peck can hardly believe how things have changed.
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injury. recovered from that and returned to service. in 2010 in afghanistan he stepped on another ied. that explosion cost him all 4 limbs. now he's got 2 of those limbs back. >> it's real. >> anchor: a team of 12 surgeons were able top transplant 2 arms from a donor successfully. >> i think that having the opportunity to do something like this on injured while serving is incredible. >> anchor: given john a new life. sensations take months to reestablish and learning to make use of the new arms will take time. john had a chance to thank the doctors. >> your loved one's death will not be for nothing. i will drive on through the pain and i will never give up.
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and his gift until the day i die. >> anchor: he's newly engaged. proposed to his girlfriend jessica at the new england aquarium. he surprised her and popped the question enemy the middle of the penguin exhibit. >> he's always positive. he make its easy. a lot of people think it's hard. he makes it easy to be around and go through this with. >> anchor: he's enjoying holding at first he didn't feel anything. it's improving. >> now i can feel deep pressure. she has to squeeze little bit harder. you're in trouble kind of hard. >> anchor: john hopes to pursue his dream of becoming a chef. he's an amazing man. >> anchor: he's funny. he served our country. and then -- >> anchor: he did twice. >> anchor: and then he said our
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i can't imagine. jr, talk about monster matthew. >> reporter: moving through the bahamas at this time. through the bahamas tomorrow morning. on to florida tomorrow evening tomorrow night and through the day on friday. friday is a tough go for florida. it does loop around. this is the forecast track from the hurricane center. some suggestion once it gets east of south carolina television continues due would be weaker it would not come back at florida as a category 4 storm. once is enough. for new england partly cloudy skies. nice fall day. the city at 55. worcester 57. hyannis at 58. high pressure with us across new england. mostly clear patchy fog cool. wide range in temps. cool spots in the upper 30s tomorrow morning.
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a pleasant day. a light on shore wind out of the southeast. boston tomorrow afternoon around 66. down along the south coast i think you'll have more sun than today. plymouth as well. north of town cape ann mid 60s. the sea coast upper 60s. drake around 73 tomorrow afternoon. the colors exploding in the trees. the outer route 2 corridor nice drive out there. and out on the cape and the islands chatham and wellesley and churo the numbers in the mid and upper 60s tomorrow afternoon. with lots of sunshine. temps tomorrow and friday right around 70 degrees. perhaps warmer on friday afternoon. holiday weekend. clouds show up saturday afternoon. this cool front races across the northeast into new england
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showers. you see this blob of rain right here new york and pennsylvania. that's moisture pulled out of hurricane matthew. here is matthew saturday. here's the cool front. that cool front will grab some of matthew's moisture. it will be brief. short lived. the cool front moves through. we may end up with a bit of rain. i was hoping to get more moisture out of matthew to new england with an in rain. no. most of us a third of an inch of rain at the most. checking out the fall foliage looks good. possible showers saturday afternoon. sunday a mix of clouds and sunshine. monday columbus day lots of sun. that foliage coming out strong. drought not as bad in those locations. the colors not perfect.
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boston. i'll see you at 11:00. >> anchor: see you then jr. >> anchor: coming up a sneak peek. got kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general-
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equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know-
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>> anchor: getting our first look at the trailer for mark walberg's upcoming movie about the boston bombing. >> anchor: the patriots day just released. >> 23 over all.
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>> anchor: the film follows a fictional boston police officer on the day of the attack. stars mark walberg along with john goodman and kevin bacon. it opens nation wide in january. >> anchor: 7 news at 7 will be right back. >> if you're hoping to score last minute tickets get ready to
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>> anchor: we're out of time for tonight. thanks for joining us. i'm ryan schulteis. >> anchor: i'm kim khazei.
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>> her total disappearing act. is kim ditching public life after her night of terror in paris? now on "extra." kim kardashian in hiding, scared into seclusion. the new report she's rethinking the life that made her famous. kanye reemerging today. why kim's body guard is drowning in debt and filing for bankruptcy. and the new clue just discovered in paris that can help catch the thieves. plus -- >> what hillary clinton just told me about kim's big scare.


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